Monday, January 25, 2010

Briana Needs Prayers...My 35 Year Old Niece

Hi is with sadness and hope that I write this post. My niece, Briana, who is 35 years old and a single mother of a ten year old son, has just learned her cancer is spreading.

We need your prayers!

She was diagnosed in June of 2009 with uterine cancer. Cancer cells were also found in her ovaries and again in her stomach. We have learned tonight that her chemotherapy has not been working and several more tumors have grown.

We need your prayers!

She is at the University of Minnesota hospital and has been told she needs to make plans because she has a ten year old son. Her parents, my sister and brother-in-law, have been with Briana and her son for the week. I spoke with my sister and she said Briana is dehydrated and nauseous. The doctors are going to work out a chemo program that they hope will be effective.

We need your prayers!

I believe in the power of prayer. I am sending this post to all my friends and am asking you all to send it on to your friends and families and ask for their prayers.

We need your prayers!

Below are two pictures. One is of Briana with her mom, Linda. One is of Briana with my daughter, Sarah.

We need your prayers!

Briana and her mom, Linda, Christmas Day 2009

Briana with my daughter, Sarah

The Vikings Game Meets Technology

Yep...a Vikings game is no longer just a Vikings game! It is an international experience. Last nights Vikings/Saints game was a big game. The winner of that game would be heading off to the Super Bowl.

Tom and I wanted to share it with our friend, Joe from Ireland, because Joe is the only one of the three of us who actually owns a Vikings shirt.

So Joe could watch the game with us, I made a video call on Skype and set up my webcam so it would face the TV. In the blink of an eye Tom and I (in Minnesota) and Joe (in Ireland) were watching the Minnesota Vikings play the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The miracle of techology made it all possible. Now Joe is a true Vikings fan as much as he is a Minnesota Twins fan.

Below are two videos of Tom, Joe and me watching the Vikings/Saints game last night. We missed you for the second half Joe!

What a fun night despite the ending!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Albino Squirrel

The other day I was sitting at the kitchen table looking out the patio door. It is my favorite view. I can get lost in my thoughts until something catches my eye and brings me back to the moment.

On this day, a few days ago, I saw the first albino squirrel I had ever seen in our back yard. It was cool!

Tom had his camera at the ready so he is the one who got the picture and took the video. I am glad he did! I must remember the rule in this house. Always have your camera ready because you never know what you are going to see.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lunch With Davey (Punkin To Me)

Today was a special day! Punkin called me this morning and was so excited. He said they were having our special lunch at school today....

Tomato Soup
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Baby Carrots
Goldfish Cheese Crackers
Milk (we always pick chocolate)

He wanted me to come to school and have lunch with him. I was concerned about the weather turning bad and the roads not being good. He understood. I suggested a Plan B.

Plan B was to see if I had all those foods in my pantry and I would make the same lunch at home and we could talk about it all later when he got home from school.

So, Punkin, look and see what gramma did!

I went shopping at Rainbow and got EVERYTHING I needed just so you and I could have lunch together!

I love you Punkin! Here are some videos to watch of gramma making lunch and some pictures to show you as I ate it. I invited grandpa too and he was my friend at lunch.

And, here are the pictures.......lunch was so good...I just loved it! You can see in the pictures that I loved every single bite!

Mmmmm Mmmmm Good...Mmmmmm Mmmmm Good...that's what Campbell's soup is...

Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Good!

Thank you Punkin! I had such a good time having lunch with you! Love, gramma