Thursday, April 30, 2009

What A Nice Day

I had such a lovely day today. I set my radio for 5:45 a.m. so I could be on the road to Sarah's house by 7:30. Derek had his end of the year pre-school program today and I was invited. Now, how nice is that?

I arrived at Sarah's with a half hour's time to spare before Punkin (Davey) had to be taken to the bus stop. Punkin was gong on a field trip today to the Minnesota Zoo and then going to his Spanish class right after getting home from the zoo. So, I only got to see him for that little bit of time before leaving for school.

But, I got to go to Derek's program and it was fabulous. It had a baseball theme and all the children did such a nice job of singing, doing the actions and dancing. Derek did everything just like a little showman. I was so proud of him and so proud to be his gramma!

Below is a video of Derek (4) in the program and another video of Jackson at home. Jackson is 10 months old now and has started to crawl.

I had such a wonderful day! I don't know how I could be any happier or luckier except maybe if Adam and his family lived closer to us. I love all of you and if I could have kept the older grandchildren little I think I might have been tempted to do just that.

I hope you enjoy the videos. Derek is the blonde boy second from the right in the front row wearing the Oshkosh zip up sweatshirt. He just loves music!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Son

(Gershwin Lullaby..........Click to play)

Our daughter-in-law, Sara Beth, called me this afternoon. Adam, our son, is in California this week attending a convention for his work at the radio station. It is funny, and yet not so funny, that when Adam called earlier this week I said to him, "I have just one thing to tell you NOT get the swine flu while you are there."

In my mind's eye I saw and heard the look I love so much when he replied, "I won't, Mom."

Nobody knew how fast this swine flu would move when he left for California. Sara Beth wanted us to know that California has now put a restriction on flights out of California. She said they will be taking every passengers temperature at the airport and if anyone has a fever, they will not be allowed to fly.

Adam is fine so far. He has gotten face masks, vitamins and every conceivable supplement he can in an effort to remain healthy and be able to make the flight home.

Sara Beth has been alone with the three boys and working for the last week. The little boys love their daddy and simply don't want to sleep when he is not there, which makes for a very tired mommy.

She was sweet tonight on the phone. She told me she said to Adam, "You have to come home. You have to come home."

I know one way or another Adam will come home, even if he has to drive, and with any luck he might make a stop in Minnesota. Now, wouldn't that be nice? I know it won't happen, but a mom can wish!

Two Things

Two things touched me tonight as I watched tv. One was President Obama's response to a question he was asked as he discussed his first 100 days in office. The other one was a commercial for AT&T wireless phone service.

The question asked of President Obama was......."In your first 100 days in office, what has surprised you, troubled you, enhanced you and humbled you." There was a tittering of laughter in the room and one might have expected President Obama not to take the question seriously in the face of the other issues being raised.

But, President Obama said, "Let me write those down." And, he did. And, then, he proceeded to address them with thought and elegance and dignity. I was extremely impressed and touched by the thought that went into his answers. He was human. He is human. He is facing an enormous task as President of the United States and I appreciate so much his humanness as he dares to tred where not many of us would dare go and can so easily criticize.

The second thing that touched me was a commercial for AT&T phone service. It was a commercial for selling shoes. The owner of the shoe company said one line that touched me and made me think.

He said, "When you do well, you can do good." He does all his business over his phone I think he said. And, for every pair of shoes he sells, he gives one pair of shoes away." He has given hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes away to needy children. It makes me want to cry.

To give from abundance and to make a difference touches me deeply. I know I believe we all have an abundance of something. It may not be money. It may be time or love or compassion or caring or a simple smile.

It feels good to really listen to people, take them seriously and to give out of our own gift of abundance, whatever that may be.