Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Little Light Of Mine has been a long time since I have posted.  I think Facebook has become the new and simplest way of communicating.  But, I miss the unique benefits and enjoyment of blogging.  And, if I am not friends with people on Facebook, I can't connect with them, and, I miss that.

Here in Minnesota the last two days we have been under a state emergency per our governor, Mark Dayton.  Motorists have been advised to stay off the treacherous roads both for their own safety and the benefit of road crews to deal with the winter weather battered roads.

It is one thing to be able to go out if you want in bad weather, and quite another if you really know you shouldn't go out.  One has more of a trapped feeling.  But, then, if you know you shouldn't/can't go out, there is a need to rely on your imagination, resources and creativity to make entrapment not only tolerable, but fun.

Hence.............this video : )

I so hope you enjoyed this video and maybe sang along or clapped or smiled or felt your day lift just a little bit!

Love, Judy


Mary Pat said...

Love love loved it, Judy!!!
Mary Pat

lisauk said...

Hello my dear friends.

Was thinking of you Judy an wondering where you
where...has its been ages since i last heard from you, Well if you have been watching the world weather Judy you will have seen an heard how the uk has had real battering the worst since records began 2oo years ago...Rains of epic levels down south of England an rivers are
breaking the banks ..I was told in 1953 it was bad but nowhere has bad has now . we have 160 amber warnings to date. We sit it out Judy an pray ..but like owt else there's always someone worse than us feel humble when i see the coverage on the news of people with no
heating an electric..and having to leave there beloved homes

God bless you both an family an all those wonderful grandchildren Judy ...
xxxx stay safe

Anonymous said...

I loved singing along with the two of you . . . Even though my hand gestures weren't as great as Judy's . . . But I will practice for the next sing a long !!

Love to you both, Pat and Dave

June said...

Judy, you are so special,
showing me (us) your blogs of life.

You bring tears to my eyes,
just reading your life and joys..
They are so much like most of us..
( I just read some of your past blogs )

Nice of you to share and show us we are not alone.

thank you.. June from Montreal Canada

Judy Roo said...

dear june....thank you for your heartfelt words...I know we all walk this journey we call life and we travel many of the same roads ... it is so good to know we are not alone ... hugs for you!