Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chemo Sabi


I was going through some of my old posts today.  I went back to 2010, the lost year.

It was 2010 that Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I wrote many posts that year.

I also wrote some entries on Sarah's Caring Bridge page when she was too tired, mentally and/or physically to write them herself.  She trusted me to write for her.  Thank you Sarah!

This morning I read one of the entries I wrote.  I wrote it on June 20, 2010.

The following two sentences are from the end of that entry and somehow feel perfect for what is coming up.

“I don’t want to be Chemo Sarah anymore. I want to be Chemo Sabi!”

How I loved that! How I love you Sarah! Mom xo

I loved that she/we were always able to find some humor.

I wonder if she knew, or would have guessed, she would be signing up to do mission work at an Indian reservation in northern Minnesota in 2013.

Chemo Sabi rides again..........Hi Ho.........

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Please Help Them Help! There Is A Picture To Click On At The Bottom : )

Hi everyone,

Today's post is about my daughter, Sarah, and her son, Davey.  Davey has followed in his mom's footsteps, and has a love of and desire to help people through volunteering. 

At nine years old, Davey has already done a lot of volunteering.  For example...
Ushering at the Steppingstone Theater in St. Paul, MN
Participated in the Feed My Starving Children program on two occasions.
Participated in Meals on Wheels three times.
Volunteered three days for the Breast Cancer Ride in 2012.
Training with his mom, Sarah, in 2011, for the  60 miles in three days, 3 Day for the Cure walk.  He walked at least 50 miles over the course of Sarah's training simply to support her.
He and his family mentor a child one + days a week.
He colors pictures through a site called Create A Smile and then sends them off so it might bring a smile to someone's face.
The most recent volunteer activity is the current one in which he and Sarah will be participating in a mission trip and spending a week at an Indian reservation in northern Minnesota. 
Please click on the picture below to see what this is all about and consider making a donation in support of Sarah and Davey. 

Davey is willing to work hard and do lots of things within his capabilities.  He even told Sarah he will gladly pick up dog poop in people's yards.  He has already been out chipping ice off someone's driveway.  Davey  is 9 years old.....his heart is big....and he just wants to help people....please help him help : )

When you click on the picture below it will take you to Sarah and Davey's page explaining everything and if you would be willing to consider making a donation, that would be so wonderful!

I am so proud of my family.  As my mom and dad would say...."All of them!"  For those of you who know me, you know there is a story in my last sentence.  For those of you who don't know me that well,  you will soon learn that I come to life with stories.  It is how I grew up. 

So, here is the story.

When my dad was young, he used to be a boxer.  Well, he won a match that was a pretty big match, but doggone, when people came up to his dad, my grandpa, to congratulate him on my dad's win, my grandpa said, "All my boy's are great.  They all do a good job!"

And, that is how I feel too.  I love all my family and they all do good things. 

On this occasion, Sarah and Davey, would love for you to visit their page so you can learn what this is all about.  Please click on the picture below and once again, if you can consider making a donation, big or small, it would be so wonderful!  Thanks : )  Love, Judy