Friday, January 11, 2013

A Wish For You

If you wish to hear a beautiful piece of Irish music done by the Ireland Orchestra, please click. I guarantee you will be happy you did. It is so relaxing.

Good morning world!  I didn't write what I am posting today, but I wish I had.  I hope some of these words in this "wish for you" will be exactly what someone out there needs to hear, or one of these experiences will be a part of your day.  The two pictures I have posted are from my visit to Northern Ireland in June/July 2012.

A Wish For You

I wish for you a day of ordinary miracles
A fresh pot of coffee you didn't make yourself.

An unexpected phone call from an old friend. 
Green stoplights on your way to work or shop. 

I wish for you a day of little things to rejoice in.

The fastest line at the grocery store. 

A good sing along song on the radio. 

Your keys right where you look. 

A rainbow ahead of you.

I wish for you a day of happiness and perfection,
Little bite-size pieces of perfection.

That give you the funny feeling.

That the Lord is smiling on you.

Holding you so gently because......

YOU are someone special and rare.


June said...

Thank you Judy, just wonderful
all your work is such a joy.
Thanks for sharing with me...June

Paula said...

This is lovely thanks for sharing it. It prompts me to take stock of all the ways that life comes to meet me when i stay present to the day.

Hugs, Paula

Kimmie said...

Beautiful! Thanks Judy! Xoxo.
Love, Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Judy, as I read this I was smiling to myself, and mentally replying to each sentence: Thank are "Special" hugsssss

Mary Pat said...

Oh, Judy, what a wonderful post! Thanks for sending! I especially like the part about the coffee you didn't make yourself.

Actually, you're just a kid. I celebrated my 82nd birthday this January.

Happy New Year!

Mary Pat

Mary Christnight said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.