Monday, January 14, 2013

A Slideshow...."Life In Black And White"

The following slideshow is a selection of random color photos I have turned into black and white photos.  They are in no particular order, and there is no theme....other than LIFE.  The music is from a CD of nature sounds along with the Ireland Orchestra. 

Some of the pictures are of family.  Some are of friends.  Some are of art work created by my grandson, Christopher, and his fiance, Emily...both students at the Cleveland Institure of Art.  Some are of Ireland.  Some of the people I know.  Some of the people I don't know.  But, scenes and people tell stories. 

You will see faces, eyes, smiles, fear, reflection, sadness, peacefulness, innocence, teaching, sharing, words to ponder and perhaps things I didn't even mean to share. 

It is best to watch the slideshow in the screen as it appears on the post, rather than on full screen.  I had to find a format that would make it small enough to upload.  Thus, when viewed in full screen, the resolution leaves something to be desired.

Upon watching the slideshow after I uploaded it, I realized there were two pictures that didn't get changed to black and white.  But, then, I said to myself...."That's life."

The slideshow takes about 17 minutes.  I hope you enjoy it.  Settle in, grab a cup of coffee or beverage of your choice, relax and be taken away into your own story.


elisa said...

Thanks Judy,

What a lovely way to end my day. So tranquil; I shall just drift into sleep with that beautiful Irish music in my head.

Loving you,


Redtulip said...

that was beautiful thanks for sharing. huggggggggs Redtulip

Pat and Dave said...

Good Morning Judy (and Tom),

Loved both of your blog creations, Judy! I am saving them to look at again and again :-)

I tried to leave a comment on the blog site of each but it would not complete the effort. It allowed me to type it and made it look like it would accept it but then it never appeared.

Anyway,I just had to tell you thanks for the inspiration and beauty!

I suspect others are having the same problem leaving a message on the blog site.

Have a great week and hugs to you both, Pat (and Dave)

David aka Air said...

Beautiful slideshow Judy. Mesmerising - and loved the music.
David aka Air

Susan said...

Judy, This is so amazing. I am constantly inspired by your creativity and willingness to so candidly share your beautiful life. I love your slide show. Black and whites have always been my favorite photography medium. Thank, thank you for sharing this beautiful experience.

Love, Susan

Susan said...

Thank you, thank you for once again so candidly sharing your life through this amazing slideshow. I am constantly inspired by your creativity and time commitment to making these special moments available to all of us. You are such a treasure of love and inspiration.

Love, Susan