Monday, January 23, 2012

My lia sophia Party and So Much More

I have always loved watching my kids grow up.

I have always loved watching my kids evolve and become who they wanted to be.

I have learned that I could never have planned their lives for them.

I have learned that their hopes and dreams belong to them.

It has been like watching an adventure movie, with twists and turns, changes of scene and new characters showing up. (And, I love all the characters!)

My daughter, Sarah, is almost two years out now from being diagnosed with breast cancer. It is hard to believe that two years has gone by, but it has. Life is broken down into three parts now. Life before cancer. Life during cancer. Life after cancer. Who you are in each of these thirds is different. All you have to do is look at pictures and you can see the outward and visible differences. What you don't see is the inward and invisible differences.

Sarah has started something new in her "life after cancer" third. She doesn't necessarily understand why she is loving what she is doing, but she is. Somehow, it excites her and makes her feel good. Somehow, she knows it is a forum for helping women. She is following her heart and responding to what feels right for her.

Sarah has become a lia sophia jewelry consultant. She went to a lia sophia party last year to support a friend. She agreed to host a party to help out that friend. I was at Sarah's party and agreed to host a party to help Sarah out. Sarah agreed to become a consultant so she could do my party.

This is making me laugh. If you are following this, I am glad.

The point is, Sarah is loving being a lia sophia consultant. It is fun. She loves the jewelry. The jewelry is beautiful and can be worn so many different ways. One necklace can become two or three different looks depending on what you want to do with it...wear it long....wear it doubled...wear it doubled and twisted...combine it with another necklace for a totally different look...slip part of the neckace into one of the seems you get multiple necklaces for the price of one.

Sarah didn't aspire to become a jewelry consultant. It came as a direct result of helping out a friend. And, she knows there is something here that God is using her for. Little did she know, it would become a new thing, a new love, in her life.

It is not always up to us to know how we can or will affect someone else's life. Sometimes we just have to pay attention and say, "Yes." And, the rest will come. If we follow our hearts and do our part, we will know soon enough why we are doing what we are doing.

The party I had at my house on Saturday was such great fun! It was a small group. It was Sarah, my daughter Kara, Sarah's friend Kristi, and me. We abandoned some of the regular presentation and went straight to looking at and trying on the jewelry. It was like a bunch of girls doing "girl stuff." It was intimate. We talked and laughed. We took the time to pay attention to each other and say what looked good and what wasn't working. It is funny, but jewelry is not a "one type fits all."

Below are pictures of some of the jewelry. Sarah is still building her inventory. It will take time. But, there are catalogs to look at and a lia sophia website to visit. In fact, two other friends of Sarah's "came to my party" via the phone. They just talked to Sarah, told her what they wanted and Sarah could fill out the form. They ordered as though they were guests at my party, but did it by phone.

I can say that many of the things are even more beautiful in person. Some of them just make your jaw drop they are so pretty. And, the truth is, it is easy to feel pretty when you wear this jewelry. You just do. addition.....hostessing a party is easy and fun! And, there are bonuses for hostessing a party. There are FABULOUS bonuses for hosting a party. Hostess prices on many of the pieces are really good. I got four beautiful pieces of jewelry at the bonus price. I will take pictures when I get them and post them. I just might break into song here any minute!

"I feel pretty...I feel pretty...I feel pretty and witty and gay." la la la.... are the pictures....starting with Sarah.

The seven bracelets on the right come as a set. They are beautiful and can be mixed and matched with the gold one on the far left. The gold one on the far left also comes in the other metal colors. You can wear them all at once which makes them look like a cuff bracelet or break them up. Totally cool!

This chain is gorgeous. It has gold, silver, hematite, copper. It can be worn long or doubled or some of the chain can loop through one of the bigger links for a totally different look.

This necklace is stunning. It was one of the jaw-dropping pieces. In this picture it is doubled and twisted and catches the light so beautifully. And, yep, this is one that I am getting. In fact, the chain in the picture above, is also one I am getting. And, I am getting the seven piece bracelet set too. Shhh...that isn't all of it! I am getting more!

Yep, I will have a few pictures to share in a week or so.

Thank you Sarah for letting me be a part of this new adventure in your life. I am going to stand back and watch you evolve. I am going to watch and I am going to listen as the inward and invisible differences come to light. I will be right there, as this next third of your life takes shape, and it becomes clear how lia sophia will become an avenue for touching and helping other women.

I know, from my years of living, what appears on the surface is not necessarily the sum total of any life experience.

Yes, I am going to watch

Yes, I am going to listen.

It is the inner journey that tells the meaning.

I am just so lucky. I am just so very lucky.


sarah said...

Wow! Thanks Mom! I didn't even ask you to write that! :) The jewelry is very pretty. And it just makes you feel pretty when you wear it. Like a princess!!! Of course anyone can order from me. Even host a catalog party if you don't live near us. It just makes good sense to host a party. You get sooo much good stuff!!! Maybe some of your friends will look at the catalog on line? They can do that at

I really do love it. I'm still waiting for the reason I'm doing this to become clear to me.

I love you, Mom!!

Wendy said...

Thank you Judy. It sounds like you had fun expressing yourselves!!!

I wonder at this. A male friend of mine said that women dress for other women. I wonder if this is a case in point. I never thought about it until he said something, but I found it really interesting to ponder. That you were all sitting around together and generating inner discussions, I thought of his comment and wondered if he wasn't on to something. Maybe we are able to truly communicate something about our creative souls and other women get it. Maybe there is something about that? Just a thought!!


Veronica said...

Hi Judy, your daughter looks wonderful, glad she is doing so well. Are u doing the walk again this year?

Mary Pat said...

Your description of the party and the jewelry made me laugh happily!
The jewelry is beautiful!!!

What fun to have fun!


Mary Pat