Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back To Training (I Hope) And My Names List

Sarah and me sitting on a bus stop bench with the beef jerky we brought for instant protein

I have so much I want to say in this post. Sometimes my thoughts come faster than my fingers can type.

After a three week break from my training for the 3-Day for the Cure, I hit the pavement yesterday with Sarah. It was hot, humid, sunny at times, breezy at times and always fun.

Well....sometimes it was too hot, too humid, too sunny...never too breezy and no matter what the weather conditions, it was always nice to be walking with Sarah.

We got a chance to talk. We talked about important things as we took breaks along the way. We talked of implants, changed bodies, people she knows whose cancer has come back...the need to celebrate the two year marker as that seems to be the time frame in which cancer often returns. At least, that is what she has been hearing in her Comfort Club, which she attends once a month.

We took frequent breaks. We sat on bus stop benches, stopped in at McDonald's, ate lunch at Applebee's, rested and got ice and cold water at Caribou Coffee and put ice chips on our foreheads, arms and down our was only me who did that last part.

We laughed. Then we laughed. And, we laughed some more. It was good to be back training together.

But, when we got back to my house and I took my left shoe off, my foot hurt on the instep and it looked like the bone was protruding. I iced it and Sarah called her doctor friend who told me how to treat it and I hope to be back training in a few days. For now, I am benched. It is best to take care of it immediately and then I will start training again with a little less vigor.

I am keeping a list of names of people to walk for. The list has grown. I don't know what it is, but when I think of the names you have given me and remember your words, "Will you walk for?".......

Something happens to me. It becomes very personal. Saying your families and friends names makes each step I take have great meaning and helps me keep step at a time.

If anyone wants me to say the name of a loved one, please let me know and I will add it to my list.

I will be carrying the list of names with me when I walk in August.

And, I will walk!

I will walk for...........

Thank you everyone for all your support, love, care, encouragement, thoughts, hugs, smiles and prayers.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Someone Remembered

I was reading the paper yesterday...the obituaries...and I saw the name of a woman who was a client of mine over the years.

I kept looking at her name. And, I felt her life. I felt her presence...her joy...her inimitable style...and I missed her.

I can't stop thinking about her. I have a unique privilege in life. I get to know a person in so many ways. I am so honored...honored that people who sit in my office share their hearts and souls and depths of their lives.

I guess I want to say that the people I meet touch my life. They are not a file or a case...they are a person....

And, they leave a mark in my life.

May God hold her loved ones in the palm of His hand.

You touched my life.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Great Visit With Adam And Family

My son, Adam, and his family have been visiting this last week. It is the first time we have seen them since Christmas 2009. Adam was home for my niece, Briana's, funeral in February 2010, but otherwise we have been miles apart for far too long.

Below is a slideshow of pictures set to music of the last few days. The cast of characters includes Adam, Sara Beth, Kallsen (6) Parker (5), Sarah, Dave, Davey (7), Derek (5) Jackson (3) Kara, Sam, Christopher (18) Amelia (13), her friend, Haley, my sister, Linda, brother-in-law, David, Tom, my dad and me.

Kara cut Adam's hair. They are twins. Adam gave Sarah, Kara and me head scratchers so when you see a picture of the three of us girls with things sticking out of our heads, that is what they are. We went to Music In Plymouth, the big 4th of July gala in our community, which was a spectacular night. And, we spent time with my 98 year old father. It was a happy week!

I love family. I love my family. To have the oldest member at 98, and the youngest member at 3, and everyone in between together was wonderful! My grandsons, Josh and Joseph, weren't able to be here and oh, how we missed them.

Adam, Sara Beth, Kallsen and Parker leave this morning to head back to South Carolina. Goodness gracious I am going to miss them! They are taking Amelia back with them for a ten day visit. Have fun Amelia!