Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update On Sarah

I headed down to Minnesota Oncology this morning to meet Sarah and Dave for Sarah's three month blood draw.

For two years following Sarah's last chemo treatment, she will have her blood drawn every three months. This blood draw checks things like her hemoglobin, platelets, blood cells and, most importantly, a cancer marker.

The cancer marker is ideally supposed to be below a certain number, but even if it goes up, it doesn't necessarily mean that her cancer has returned. But, they would take that marker seriously and watch her more closely and perhaps do some more testing. So far, her cancer marker has been good, and we should find out the results of today's blood draw tomorrow afternoon.

Sarah was in good spirits when we met. She fully expected today's appointment to be a non-event, and it really was. She is doing well on the Tamoxifen...no side effects...and she is slowly beginning to sleep a little better. Her hair is getting longer and it is so curly. How nice it is that she can say, "Look at my hair. It is sticking straight up. I can't do anything with it!

Below is a picture of Sarah, my other daughter Kara, and me at a wonderful Christmas event held at Kara's church. You can see how long Sarah's hair is just a week ago. It was such a fun night that we are going to make it an annual event. We are all starting to feel that life is taking on some normalcy and routine. And, we are having fun!

Fun....f u n.........f u n....we are having fun. God has granted us so much to be thankful for. Looking back we wonder what this year was all about. We know we went through it. We know there is a purpose. It has changed our lives. And, we are looking toward the future and living in and loving the present.

We are taking one day at a time, planning a cruise for Sarah's one year anniversary of being cancer free in March of 2011 and never forgetting how fortunate we are to all be together. When we get the results of her blood draw, I will let you all know!

Sarah, Me and Kara out having fun!