Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Lucky Gramma

Punkin, (Davey age 5) called me tonight. He was all excited about the pumpkin he had made for kindergarten. He made it after a book and he did such a good job. We talked about the pumpkin and his teacher, who he just loves, and Halloween, and his costume and Derek's and Jackson's costumes. He was so happy and excited and he called to share it with me!

He said he would call me on the morning of Halloween and say "Good morning!" He said, "We can say good morning to each other!"

And, then he said "Good night."

And, all I could do was be happy and smile and then maybe cry just a little bit.

I am such a lucky gramma!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Daughter Kara's New Adventure

Yesterday was a big and productive day. Our daughter, Kara, is building a Christian Life Coaching practice, and yesterday was what we will call, "PHOTOS AND VIDEO DAY!"

I got to be the photographer and interviewer and Tom got to be the videographer and Kara got to be the star! Doesn't that sound nice? We had a great day and got everything accomplished that we set out to do.

Below you can see two of the very lovely pictures we took and you can view the video we did.

What a day it was! It was fun, exciting and an exercise in cooperation and teamwork. We learned a lot and we laughed our way through it which makes for a great memory.

Congratulations Kara on your new Christian Life Coaching practice! To visit Kara's website click here

Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Hassle!

It was so great! In the CafePress order I received yesterday, one of the Keepsake boxes had a little knick in it. I didn't like that, so decided I would learn about CafePress's "return and exchange" policy.

I called CafePress this morning, was not put on hold and was put through to a customer service representative immediately. I explained the situation and was told that a new Keepsake box would be shipped to me and would be here by November 3rd.

I then told the nice lady that a mug I had previously ordered had a picture on it that was not even, that it was a little lopsided. A replacement for that will also be sent and will be here by November 3rd.

I was very pleased and impressed and told the nice lady I would let people know how lovely their products are and how easy they are to deal with.

It was a really nice experience and it is a nice thing to know that problems will be corrected and they mean it when they say, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Am So Excited And So Pleased!!

I hardly know what to say. A week ago I ordered some things from my CafePress online store because I want and need to know how the things look, what the quality is, and what it is other people would be getting if they ordered.

I ordered five .. maybe six mugs, two hoodie sweatshirts, two keepsake boxes, and two magnets.

Opening these things was like seeing my world..judy's world..come to life. These are not just things. They are expressions of me, my photography, my thoughts, my feelings and my family (because I made some personalized items for gifts, and anyone can do that by letting me know what they want). I have to tell you it is a spectacular feeling when you see something personal on these items.

One of the keepsake boxes has a tulip on it and the words I LOVE YOU are at the bottom of the tulip. I did a brush effect on the picture of the tulip and it is like looking at art. It takes me right into a lovely place when I look at it and then to hold it is a wonderful feeling. I didn't know how nice it would be! Anybody could buy that for someone they love or for themselves because it is wonderful to love yourself!

It is really hard to describe the feeling I have right now except to say I am excited, pleased and proud of the things I have created, designed and unwrapped today.

I am giving my 96 year old dad a mug for Christmas with one of his favorite pictures on it. The picture is of my two sisters and me when we were little girls. That way he can hold his little girls in his hands every day.

He says many times how he wishes we could be little again. Now he can hold us every day.

Yes, I can honestly say I am proud of my things and that makes me very happy!

This is not meant to be an advertisement but more a sharing of how nice it was to open my things. But, if anyone wants to visit my store.........just go to.......

The link under favorite links will take you right there if you click on it. I guess I have to learn how to put the link in the text yet. That is ok. I will learn.

I am going to go start making some more things now. Man, they are beautiful!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


(Dante's Prayer)

I just watched a movie on Lifetime TV. The name of it was Living Proof with Harry Connick Jr. It was wonderful and inspirational. It was a true story about a Dr. Slamon who did the research and fought for a drug to be used for cancer...primarily women's breast cancer. It made me cheer and it made me cry and it made me think of moments in my life that made me smile and cry in the last few weeks.

Two of those moments happened in South Carolina two weekends ago when we visited our son, Adam and his family. Our grandson, Joseph, who is 12, came to get Tom and me when we were at Chucky Cheese for Parker's 3rd birthday party, to take pictures at one of those photo taking booths. He had a picture taken with Tom and him and with me and him. They were printed out in sketch format and I said, "I am taking these home with me." Joseph said, "No, you're not. I'm keeping them!" And, then when Tom and I were getting ready to go to the airport Joseph left a piece of paper on our luggage and as I walked by it floated off. It was upside down, so I thought I better see what it was. It was a beautiful drawing that Joseph had made of a wolf and he signed it....To Grandma and Grandpa from Joseph and the date.

I went to find Joseph and hug him and kiss his cheek and thank him for his gift. I said, "Joseph, you have to stop doing things to make me cry." Know what he said? "No!" It still makes me smile and it still makes me cry. I love you Joseph!

And, yesterday, a friend and I went over to Sarah's to help with the boys. Derek, who is 3, is in the throes of potty training. He ran around the house naked all day and did such a good job going potty. When it was time for me to go home, Derek came and curled up in my all his lovely little nakedness and said, "I am going to miss you!" Oh, Derek, I will miss you. Yes, I will. And, sweet Davey said, "Can you stay a little longer?" I said, "Yes, I will stay five more minutes." And, I did.

And, as I got ready to go, Sarah, my sweet daughter, laid her head on my chest and said, "When I am the mom, I don't get to have a mom." I said, " I know, I know!" And, I do. She said, "I could get used to this!" moments..........that make me appreciate my life. I have many of them!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker

Happy Birthday Parker! You are a beautiful little boy and so good. You feel things deeply, are so adventurous and have little cheeks that were made to be kissed. I still remember the night you were born. We waited and waited for your dad to call us and tell us you were here and then he finally did and we were so happy. When he got home from the hospital he sent us pictures so we could see you right away. If we could have been there we would have been there to hold you within minutes. As it was we had to wait for just a little while and then we flew from Minnesota all the way to Georgia, and the first time I saw you for real you brought tears to my eyes. I held you and said, "This little boy was born to be held by me!" I might have whispered that because I think there were others who felt the same way. You are loved Parker! Happy Birthday Darling!

Love, Gramma Judy

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My New Adventure.......My Own Online Shop

Hi everyone,

I am setting up a new online business through CafePress. I wanted to
share my excitement with you and my wish to hear your feedback.
I have both apparel and merchandise for sale in the site. I would love
to know what you think of it and what you would like to see.

I am so proud of myself for having done as much as I have done
in only THREE days. It was indeed a learning curve and I have so far
successfully navigated the in's and out's of CafePress on my own!

I am using mostly my own photographs and some from family and
friends. The words on some of the pictures are my own choices and
if you can see the "copy" that is printed beside each item when you
click on it, those are my words as well. My desire is to create a
"feeling" through the words and the items for sale.

I wanted to incorporate the passion I feel for living creatively for
a happy life into something that people could buy to hold or wear
and somehow "feel" something "real" or "good" and simply be
glad and grateful for being who they are or maybe feel their bodies
relax through a simple picture or just one word.

I will also be adding some humor on the apparel and merchandise.
There is much more I want to add!

This could be a one stop shop for your "feeling world" as well as
practical and lovely ideas for gift giving etc.

Someone has already asked me about ordering and if you do it
through me or CafePress. The answer is you do it through CafePress.

The link is.....

I would love to know your thoughts, feelings, ideas on what
you like and what you would like to see me add.

I am going to explore "personalizing" the merchandise with
pictures and/or sayings (your own words) as well

That would require sending me your ideas,
pictures and words via email. For example, if you would
like a picture of you and your pet on a shirt or poster or
card it could be done. If you would like a family picture
on a shirt or other item it could be done. There are
numerous ideas for personalizing.

I have set up a business email for that express purpose.

It is.....

This is so exciting and I hope you visit my new shop and let me know
what you think!

I value your opinions, thoughts, ideas and mostly your SUPPORT

Once again, the new shop address is...