Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jackson Toby Close Up

At the end of Sarah and Dave's garage sale yesterday I got to spend some more time with little Jackson Toby. I was able to capture some of his sweetness as he sat in his bouncy seat and played with the little musical toy. He just loved it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Full Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a full day. As a result of the hail storm on Memorial Day this spring our roof had what was called unrepairable damage. After working on the necessary paperwork for a few weeks I got all the paperwork submitted to the right people and the roofers arrived yesterday morning at 7:45 a.m.

While they were working on the roof I went over to Sarah and Dave's house to help with their garage sale. It was a hot, sunny, humid day but that did not stop the people from coming. I guess it is like "Have a sale and they will come!" And, come they did!

While I was doing a little cleaning and looking for some things to contribute to the sale I found a box that had some things from my high school years I guess. There is no date on something I wrote but I laughed right out loud when I got toward the end. (You will have to click on it to get a larger image in order to read it). I also found a pencil sketch I had done of my mother, which made me smile. I remember doing it, and thinking it was not good at all, but it sure is nice to have. It is always like running into her when I find things like this.

And, one of the best parts of yesterday was I got to take care of Jackson Toby all day. It was a total Gramma and Jackson Toby day! I got to feed him, change him, talk to him, play with him, hold him and nap with him curled up next to me in the bed. I will see if any of the pictures Sarah took of our nap turned out and put one up later.

The roofers hard at work

Have a sale and they will come

The paper I found that made me laugh

The pencil sketch I did of my mom

Jackson Toby on August 21, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gramma And Jackson...There Is Always More Love

Click To Play (Fields Of Love)

There is always more love. I think it is impossible to run out of love. We are like candles. Once we are lit our flame never goes out no matter how many more little candles we light. Jackson Toby is our newest little candle to burn brightly in our lives. I love you Jackson Toby. Welcome to my world!

Jackson Toby and Gramma share a little smile

What a sweet little boy

Sleep little Jackson Toby...

"Lay down your head and close your eyes
Let dreams become your smile
I'll wait until you wake
Watching all the while."

(This is part of a poem I wrote called Drifting)

"Jackson Toby...I could hold you forever." I think I heard him say, "Ok"

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Am A Treefrog And I Love The World

Punkin and Derek stayed overnight at our house last Saturday. We had such a good time. Sarah and Dave had a bbq to go to and they took Jackson Toby with them. I think we must have worn the boys out because Punkin slept until 7:15 a.m. and Derek slept until 9:00 a.m. I was beginning to get worried, but I guess Derek was just tired from being a treefrog!

The first video will explain that last sentence, and the second video will show you just how lucky the world is. What a nice little boy to be loved by.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jackson Toby And The Yellow Rose

(Child Of Mine by Anne Murray) Click to play.

Dear Jackson Toby,

You are too little to know what a lucky little boy you are. Not only do you have a wonderful mom, dad, two big brothers, grammas and grandpas, a great grandpa, aunties and uncles and cousins and lots and lots of other people in our family who love you, but you have a wonderful friend, in a country far away called Ireland, who loves you as much as the sun and the moon and the stars. His name is Joe and he has planted a yellow rose just for you.

Just as you have grown from a little tiny baby into a beautiful little baby who will be two months old tomorrow, the yellow rose known as Jackson's Rose has grown from a little bud into a beautiful yellow rose.

Joe wishes he could be here to see you grow and change every day. But, he will see you soon again and we send pictures and little movies so he can see you wiggle and make little bubbles and listen to you make your little sounds as you grow.

Yes, Jackson Toby, you are a lucky little boy! We all love you!

Love, Gramma

Joe and Sarah holding Jackson at Jackson's baptism
Jackson the day he was born two months ago

Jackson Toby one day before he will be two months old

The yellow rose Joe planted for Jackson a few short weeks ago in Ireland

Jackson's Rose