Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Kallsen!

For those of us who know Kallsen, we know he is a little boy who loves to live life and goes headfirst into any challenges he might face. I don't think he knows the meaning of "That can't or shouldn't be done!"

These pictures were taken at Stumphouse Mt. last October, 2007 when Kallsen was only three years old. I liked Adam's post this morning highlighting pictures of Kallsen on his birthday. So, here are some pictures I took of Adam and Kallsen and Kallsen being Kallsen.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Sarah And Dave Lost Another Tree

Yesterday, I had just gotten home from work and Joe and I were sitting with our laptops in the basement when I heard the sirens going. Just like the last time I heard sirens going it didn't make any sense. The weather looked fine........just a bit of rain. But, then it got very dark. It was 1:30 in the afternoon and it looked like it was midnight outside.

We got some rumbling thunder, lightning and a little rain. I turned the TV on and saw there was a threatening and potentially dangerous cell moving through our area at about 40 mph. The report was rain, high winds, hail and a minor threat of tornados. The cell moved through Plymouth and headed toward Eagan where Sarah and her family live.

It was within the last year Sarah and Dave lost a beautiful tree in their front yard to high winds. When Sarah called me after the storm had passed in Eagan she said, "We lost another tree! This time in the back yard!"

As you can see, the tree was cut off at ground level. The tree fell over into their neighbor's yard crushing Sarah's and Dave's fence. The little children's pool right beside the tree didn't move, nor did the Little Tyke's slide. There was a pair of children's sunglasses and a cloth on a table on the patio that didn't move. Nothing else was touched or moved, but the tree went down.

They were without power for a while. Davey played with his Word World toy he got for his birthday. Sarah took a picture. It is pretty sweet and it sure made Joe smile when he saw the picture. I don't know if she got a picture of Derek yesterday. Funny story about Derek is coming up.........

Derek is working on potty training. Here is how it is going. Sarah found Derek with the soft seat that goes on the potty chair around his neck. It was stuck and he couldn't get it off! Sarah finally got it off through his tears! It still makes me laugh!

What a day at their house. A downed tree and a potty seat stuck on a little boy's neck. I am so sorry about the tree honey. It really was a beautiful tree............and I am glad no one was hurt. It wasn't good at all and it was so much better than it could have been!

We love you guys!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sarah And Jackson, Joe And Jackson, Davey And Derek At The Flower Garden

I was able to get some beautiful pictures of everyone yesterday. What a beautiful setting Scherer's Flower Garden is and it proved to be a perfect backdrop for these pictures.

A Short Lived Adventure And Then The Flower Garden

Joe and I went to visit Sarah and the boys yesterday. We attempted to go to a free movie at the movie theater close to their house, but that was a short lived adventure. I suppose one might say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" The movie was March Of The Penguins which both boys love and watch at home. It just didn't work quite as well in the theater. So, we left and made a stop at Scherer's Flower Garden, which is absolutely beautiful.

Coming soon then will be some beautiful pictures of Sarah and Jackson, Joe and Jackson and Davey and Derek.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jackson Toby Was Baptized Today

On June 18, 2008 a little boy was born and he was to be named Jackson Toby.

The Baptismal Table
Sarah, Dave, Davey, Derek and Jackson Toby

Sarah, Dave, Davey, Derek, Jackson, Larissa, Joe and the minister
(the unidentified children are from the congregation)

The family and the sponsors during the reading

Jackson Toby is baptized

Welcome to the congregation Jackson Toby

Sarah, Dave and Jackson Toby with my sister Linda her husband David and grandson Jahmari

Sarah and Jackson Toby with my dad, Jackson Toby's great grandpa

Sarah and Jackson Toby with Joe who came all the way from Ireland because Sarah asked him to and he said "Yes, yes, of course I will come!"

Grandpa Ken, Grandma Barb, my dad, Dave, Sarah, Jackson Toby, Larissa, Brian the minister, Joe, me holding Davey, Tom holding Derek
We love you Jackson Toby!

This little boy is Sarah and Dave's son, Davey and Derek's little brother, Tom's and my grandson, my father's great grandson, Grandma Barb and Grandpa Ken's grandson, the newest nephew to Uncle Adam, Auntie Sara Beth, Auntie Kara and Uncle Sam, the newest cousin to Josh, Christopher, Amelia, Joseph, Kallsen and Parker and the godson of Sarah's good friend, Larissa and our dear friend, Joe, who traveled all the way from Ireland to be part of his birth and baptism.

Adam and his family and Kara and her family were unable to attend the baptism today but I know they were all with us in spirit. My sister, Linda and her husband David and grandson, Jahmari, were able to bring my dad to the baptism. That means the oldest member of our family, my dad at 95, and the youngest member of our family, Jackson Toby, 2 1/2 weeks, were the bookends of a family that felt great happiness and joy today.

It was a beautiful service and one picture we all wish could have been taken was when the entire family who was there laid their hands on Jackson Toby's head. Seeing hands of all ages touching little Jackson brought tears to our eyes.

What a wonderful day!

The Ball Game Hot Dog Story

Sarah, Dave, Davey, Derek, Jackson, Grandma Barb, Grandpa Ken, Tom, Joe and I all went to the Minnesota Twins game Friday night, July 4th. I am not sure we could have given Joe a more American experience than a baseball game and hotdogs. It was so much fun!

We were all starving by the time we got to the dome. Davey decided all he wanted to eat was popcorn...............UNTIL.........he saw my hotdog!

Hey, Gramma....that looks pretty good!

So, Punkin, do you want a bite?

Man, that was good!!
Hey, a little for me!
As it turned out, Punkin ate half of mine and almost ALL of one he had of his own! I don't mind sharing Punkin!! I surely don't!

Davey Is Five

Davey is five. He is a wonderful little boy who I have always said is made of angel dust. His little mind is always working and he is filled with love. I get to be his gramma. Happy Birthday Punkin! Love, Gramma

I said, "Ok, Punkin, give me your 5 year old smile"

Yummy cupcake

Taking a moment for himself and seemingly deep in thought

Friday, July 04, 2008

Will Work For Food

When Joe comes to visit there is always stuff that has to get done. And, Joe pitches right in. Tom has enough tools and things that guys like to play with....things that have cords and make loud noises like the lawn mower, leaf blower and power tools. On this particular Saturday the driveway and front and back decks needed to be deleafed and the hanging flower baskets I had bought needed a special home. Joe and Tom conspired and came up with a wonderful design to hang flowers all around the front deck railing.

Joe blowing the leaves off the back deck

Joe blowing leaves off the driveway

It's starting to look good Joe

Tom and Joe discussing how they would attach the shepherd hooks

Putting the plan into action

Thought you were done didn't you, Joe?

Joe cleaning the swirly thing

Now, can I eat?

Lest you think I was doing nothing while the guys were busy outside, you can see I was busy cooking all day over a hot stove!
Thanks are and will always be a part of our family!